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Life is Beautiful…

Lend me your shoulder…

I wanna hold your hand!

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Remember Love

Hey… I will always be waiting here
even if the wind messes up my hair! 😉

(u know how much I care about my hair)

the sky is snowing silently
the only thing I have is the thought of you to warm the night
a hug is thousand miles away from me
everyone has an ineffable story

I’m still in love with someone
hoping to go back to the past
perhaps the pain has proven how deep the love is
or else why have I not yet retreated?

remember love, all the happy moments
which is why I forget to leave
reaching out my hands, continue to offer my love bravely
I will always be waiting here
even if the wind messes up my hair

remember love, is the answer that I have given before
this time I will not hesitate anymore
a drop of tear fell into the endless sea
at least we have no regrets
if you remember to love, there will be no loneliness

记得爱 – 阿沁

作词: 李玖哲
作曲: 徐世珍
编曲: 黄中岳

而我只有思念 勉强能温暖黑夜
每个男人都有 说不出的心碎

也许痛的感觉 证明了爱的深浅

记得爱 所有幸福的片段
伸出手 继续勇敢付出我的爱

记得爱 是我给过的答案
就不再 考虑应该不应该
一滴泪 落进无边无际的大海

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Trust me… walking around trying to figure out the direction when you’re stoned, even with a map in hand will not help! Can’t believe i was still able to take this picture! :p

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