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keep spinning……

听着Daniel Powter 的这首歌,然后想象自己像音乐盒上的芭蕾舞者,不停地转动、转动、转动……


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Why do I care?

Mayday – An Apple

After such a long wait
A dream is still a dream
I’m still the same old me

Time forget to detain the most beautiful moment
It just passes by without us realising…

I’ve thought of hugging the colourful rainbow, the blooming flowers and that innocent smile
But the wind blows
Suddenly in no time
I’m the only one left there

I don’t understand
Why are all the worries in the world stalking me?
Whose fault is this? Or am I the one who’s not willing to let go?

Oh… all the worries in the world
The humour thrown at me by the world
Are they trying to tell me
There’ll always be high tide and low tide

Afterall someone will accompany me to swallow the bitter fruit and then taste a sweet dream
You have to be the first one to speak, then will the winter go away

There are some people who passes by my side
Stayed in my mind
And drilled a hole in my heart
Some people became a stack of photos
Piled up at the corner
Dust accumulated on them like the ice cold snow

If I could go back to the past, I think it will still get wasted
I guess that’s the way it is
I know I’ve tried my best

I’m thinking… after a long long time into the future
Will there be someone who remembers that I have lived in this lonely planet?

Oh… after a long long time into the future, towards the end of land
I suppose no one can take away my eternal sensation
Afterall there will be a song of mine which I will sing loudly
Oh… take another look at the world
There’ll always be your share of happiness in life

It’s so good to be alive!
Let’s eat another apple!

五月天 一颗苹果
作曲:阿信 作词:阿信 编曲:五月天



曾经想 拥抱的彩虹 盛开的花朵 那纯真的笑容
突然有风吹过 那一转眼 只剩我

我不懂 人世间的那些愁 他为什么要缠着我
到底这会是谁的错 还是我不放手

喔 人世间的那些愁 这世界给我的幽默
这是不是要告诉我 潮起终究潮落

总要有人来陪我 咽下苦果 喔 再尝一点美梦
要等你先开口 那冬天才会走

有些人经过我身旁 住在我脑中 在我心里钻洞
有些人变成相片 堆在角落 灰尘像雪一般冰冻

时间如果可以倒流 我想我还是 会卯起来蹉跎
反正就这样吧 我知道我 努力过

我想到 遥远遥远的以后 会不会有人知道我
在这个寂寞的星球 曾这样的活过

喔 遥远遥远的以后 天长和地久的尽头
应该没有人能抢走 我永远的感动
喔 再看天地辽阔 活着不多不少 幸福刚好够用

活着其实很好 再吃一颗苹果

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Wow! Before I even realise, it’s already 2008!!!

To everyone who loves freedom, cheers! 😉



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Merry Christmas

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